We define a new relationship to dating data

Dating data is sensitive

We would like to see a restored trust in technologies, through good practices and self-regulation amongst the operators of the different dating app. This starts with us, each of us commits to be trust-worthy, so that the collective can be trusted, and using secured tools.

We are a collective of users

Dating Privacy is you and me: dating app users and people keen to understand privacy in relationships formed online. The collective is worried about the way our intimate life is being coded and exposed online. We aim to retake control of personal data on dating apps, understand the privacy problems they create, and work to improve data literacy.

We work to understand what's being done

We want to understand many privacy risks that we, as dating app users, are confronted with when looking for a date online: unwanted ads, discrimination resulting from data, incorrect profiling and predictions, and the possibility of phishing and identity theft by rogue users.

Our ultimate goal is to bring together users and privacy enthusiasts to push for a paradigm shift.

We connect with many partners

We are looking to collaborate with journalists, academics, researchers, activists and NGOs in data protection and other related themes.

We push ideas for better user and company practices to control personal data and date safely online. We are particularly interested in raising awareness, as well as building methodological protocols and privacy tools for data protection and literacy.

Analysis of your Tinder data

Thanks to hestialabs's team of developers, we're now able to analysis our Tinder data.

News and events

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