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Our banquet

A theatrical performance on how data shapes love and everyday life in society by Ariane Loze

The art of seducing dating app algorithms

Podcast with Jessica Pidoux and Laurie Dutheil, founder of A Glorious Day For Love and coach in dating apps

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What is a sustainable model for data collectives?

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Methods for a comparative Analysis of Online Dating Practices


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The Dating Market: Programming User Attention and Interaction

Geolocation and dating apps: getting too intimate?

The impact of personal data collection in dating apps is yet to be discovered.

A media-ecclesiastical scandal just revealed its unsuspected depth.

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Dating applications share your data

Find out with whom

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Data on Grindr's profile


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Jessica Pidoux: “Dating apps are not magic. Just maths, code and sensitive data.”

Jessica Pidoux is a doctoral student in digital humanities at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, where she wrote her thesis on online dating services. At the same time, she set up the data collective Dating Privacy. Interview with this sociologist-geek-humanist whose mission is to match the interests of dating applications with those of their users.

Jessica Pidoux in «Le Temps»

Jessica Pidoux, l'algorithme de Tinder dans la peau


What Bumble collects about you

An interactive visualization