A short story about us

We are a small group of skilled individuals working to define a new relationship with data in dating.


Jessica Pidoux, Post Doctoral Researcher at the Sciences Po, Centre of European Studies in Paris.

She hold a PhD from École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne where she worked on revealing biases in dating apps secretive matching algorithms.



Frank, freelance journalist has revealed privacy risks on Hinge and is currently being messed around by Hinge, Bumble and Tinder having asked for his data. 


Marie-Pierre maps the dating app ecosystem in the wiki platform available thanks to our partner personaldata.io and delves into dating app patents.


Judith Herzog digs into regulation policies and how online dating interacts with collective practices and communities.

A member helps us with all the legal facets.

How it started — how it's going

November 2020

This collective is a social movement we have started in November 2020 after identifying several privacy risks we, as dating app users, are confronted with when looking for a date online: unwanted ads, harms resulting from incorrect profiling and predictions, the possibility of phishing and identity theft.

February 2021

"Dating Privacy” Collective Launch
During this short session, the collective presented the risks you take when using dating apps, shared practices to protect your privacy and explained how you can recover your data if you want to know what happens when you're swiping and liking. We also outlined our first major data literacy project: one we want you to be involved in.

Link to the video recording Link to the presentation

We are active in online forum and social media to discuss about privacy and online dating. Join the conversation