These are your rights

As a dating app user, you are a “data subject” in subject eyes of the law. This gives you “data subject rights”. The dating app does not own your data, you do.

You can recover your data in a file via a Subject Access Request. The dating app, as a private company, is obliged to send you this information within 30 days.

When you fill in your profile and navigate, you leave traces that are collected, processed and stored by the dating app. This data collection serves both positive and negative functions. It improves the app's profile recommendations but also feeds its malfunction and the malicious behaviours of others. What, how and for what purposes data is used by the dating industry remains opaque to users and researchers.

Whether you rarely get matches and don’t find a partner, you go on tons of dates, or even if you've found your partner online, your privacy is not protected. In real time, the app tracks your conversations and geolocation. Your data says a lot about you to others and the company: what you like, what you hate, how healthy you are, where you live, where you go, who you meet and when. Data isn't just used to help you find a partner: it is traded and sold to data brokers and advertisers.

For easier understanding of what this data represents, we are also maintaining a catalog.

Ask for your data

You can ask here for a copy of your personal data