Monitoring changes in the legal documents of dating applications

Thanks to the collaboration with OpenTermsArchive , it is now possible to monitor changes in privacy policies, terms of use, cookie policies and terms and conditions of several dating applications:Tinder, HER, Fruitz, Grindr, OKCupid, ...

The list will be updated regularly:

To follow the changes to all applications, via RSS feed:

If you want to follow changes in one application i.e Tinder

The most significant changes will be posted via our Twitter account @datingprivacy


Thanks to hestialabs's team of developers, we're now able to analysis our Tinder data.

If you don't have the private data that Tinder collected on you yet, go to . Once you receive it, you'll be able to analyze and see:

  • the number of likes and dislikes that you made over time.
  • the number of times that you opened the app (per day or per month).

and compare the number of likes, passes, messages sent and messages received and different pairs of values in a donut chart.

At the end, you can the possible correlation between the number of likes/passes and the number of times you open the app.

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